Welcome! Launching in 2007 with our  marvelous herbal detox, "My Miracle Tea" The Happy Grandma online store now serves thousands, including health professionals, with its unique products and superior customer service.  
Our  Mission Statement: to help Grandmas, families and  caregivers live happier, sweeter, more  comfortable lives with simple products that are daily solutions for the aging journey. 

I am also a grandmother myself!  I know what to expect because from 1997-2016, my husband and I took care of our own mothers.  This important information is part of every decision our company makes and every product we share.

As they transitioned through the years from becoming widows in their own homes, to assisted living facilities, living with us in our own home, and eventually to full-care nursing homes for their last months and years,  we became  well-acquainted with the ever-changing needs for senior women. 

Our moms are gone now, but their safety, happiness and comfort was a primary concern for us  for a very long time. Their days were often long as their bodies aged.  It was not easy for anyone! 

This website and our business is dedicated to them and the legacies they left in so many ways, but especially the courage it takes to grow old with dignity.

My own mother's extremely difficult and embarrassing constipation problems were the beginning of our successful online business as the product we found that helped her so much became available for us to share.

But there were so many other things they both needed! We shopped, asked questions, bought things that worked, and some that didn't.

When our mothers passed, we felt happy with what we'd done to help them and ready to pass along the things that helped us so much -- and some things we wished we'd had to make their days easier and brighter.

Now we're in our mid-late 60's and needing some of these products ourselves! 

We're excited to have you here and hope you'll find some things that will make your days easier and happier.